19.04.2018 16:15
A competition is announced by scientists of ANAS for the purpose of caring out postdoctoral research in Europe

A contest for scientists of ANAS is being announced for the purpose of completing postdoctoral scientific research, in prestigious research institutions in Europe. The competition can be enrolled  scientists working on a thesis for a doctoral degree.

The list of required documents:

- Recommendation letter of the director of  scientific institution of ANAS about the nomination of the candidate;

- Resolution of the Academic Council of scientific institutions of ANAS (with an indication of the degree of preparation of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science);

- An approval letter of a scientific institution or university in Europe (the period required for the study, and finance for a given period - indicating the costs of living, insurance and laboratory);

- a diploma Copy of higher education, academic degree and academic titles of the candidate;

- (CV);

- List of scientific works;

- Copy of ID Card

 The documents should be submitted to the Department of Science and Education of the Presidium of ANAS.

Deadline :April 20, 2018.

Contacts: (+994 12) 539 30 60;   (+994 12) 492 54 93.

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