04.02.2019 14:58
Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Reuters) Seminar

An expert on scientific information resources of Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Reuters), Ives Kenjina, is expected to hold a workshop on  "Recommendations on writing articles in international scientific journals." The language of the seminar is Russian and it will  include requirements for published articles, guidelines for submission of scientific articles, selection criteria and other practical issues for submission to the Web of Science platform.

Scientists and specialists of scientific institutions belonging to the Division of Mathematical and Technical Sciences are invited to the event.

Note: Inesh Kenzhina is an author of more than 20 articles with Web of Science index in the field of nuclear physics.

Date:          February 04. 2019, at 11.00. Registration: at 10.30

Address: Central Scientific Library of ANAS (H.Javid avenue 129, IV floor)

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