30.05.2018 09:46
ANAS and TUBITAK announce Joint Bilateral Contest Project

A new joint  bilateral contest  project  is being announced within the Joint Program on cooperation of ANAS  and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

Employees of scientific institutes of ANAS together with colleagues from Turkish universities, research centers and institutes should submit their projects in English to ANAS and TUBITAK.

The project proposals are accepted by the Department of International Relations  of the Presidium of ANAS deadline 31st of August, 2018.

For more details please contact the Presidium of ANAS at the Department of International Relations.

Contact: (+994 12) 492 54 93; (+994 55) 490 10 39;

E-mail: e.seyfullayev@mail.ru 

Address: 30 Istiglaliyyat str., Baku

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