Main page → The Activities of the DFR of ANAS
  1. Preparation and implementation of the concept of international relations of ANAS;
  2. Inquiry the international scientific priorities and prospects of expanding the integration of ANAS to the international scientific world;
  3. Establishment of relations between heads of ANAS and state officials and diplomatic representatives of various countries;
  4. Revelation of relevant scientific institutions from different countries in accordance with scientific directions and priorities of ANAS and establishment of relations with them;
  5. Provision of the heads, structural units of Presidium and scientific institutions of ANAS with the international scientific innovation and analytical data;
  6. Coordination of the activities of structural units of Presidium and scientific institutions of ANAS in the field of international cooperation;
  7. Determination and involvement of the international scientific project calls and programs offering opportunities for the implementation of innovative research projects and programs by scientific institutions of ANAS;
  8. Promotion of membership of ANAS and its scientific institutions to the international scientific societies and associations.
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