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08.09.2016 10:58
Rajab IsmayılIı has been in a scientific visit in Siegen University Germany

Junior scientist of Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Rajab IsmayılIı has been in a scientific visit in the Chair of Fluid Mechanics, University of Siegen in Germany, for 3 months to conduct the research on the topic “Acoustic turbulence behind the astrophysical obstacles in non-uniform plasma flows”.

The research work was conducted under the supervision of professor George Khujadze of Siegen University and was supported financially by Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The goal and the results of the research: The goal of the visit was to establish international relations  and conduct joint international scientific research in the field of Astrophysics. Particularly he worked with a group of scientists of the Siegen University, whose research is (was) based on using open source fluid dynamics code on the topic acoustic turbulence behind the astrophysical obstacles in non-uniform plasma flows. At the beginning, the software Overture was installed on the Linux operating system, which required learning all its capabilities. After that, several hydrodynamic models were simulated with this program. For example, the plasma flow over the circular cylinder and the physical process that arose after that obstacle have been studied in detail and using supercomputer clusters implemented parallel computing. In the next stage, grid in the Overture software for the compressible fluid using conservative forms of Navier-Stokes equations with discretization method were generated.

Application possibilities and significance of research results: The simulation models of the turbulence process in fluid flows at high speeds have a very wide range of applications in the aviation and space industry as well as in space physics. It will be the first time to apply the capabilities of the simulation software to the astrophysical processes with respective parameters. For example, whippings of the solar plasma ejections with supersonic velocity to the Earth’s magnetosphere occurs strong turbulence behind it, which is accepted as a main source of the magnetic storms. These perturbations directly influence to the eco- techno- and bio- systems.

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