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29.05.2016 11:12
Research conducted in the National Tsinq Hua University, Department of Chemical Engineering

Leading scientist of the Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Associate Professor, PhD Shamo Tapdigov has been in a scientific visit at the National Tsinq Hua University, Department of Chemical Engineering, Taiwan, Hsinchu from 29.05.2016 to 30.07.2016 to conduct research on the topic of “Synthesis of poloxamer-polypeptide containing thermosensitive hydrogels and loading their of anticancer drug – doxorubicine”.

The research work was conducted under the supervision of Prof. I-Ming Chu and Prof. Kan Sen Chou and was supported by the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

The goal and the results of the research: Thermosensitive gels were synthesized from polycondensation of methylester of L-alanine and Benzyl asparagine with N-carboxyanhydrides with polyethylene glycol and their physical and biological properties were studied in vitro. By studying the synthesis and characterization of the polymers and the formation of micelles and hydrogels, he gained much valuable experience in drug delivery system, development and material processing. The technology learned there would enable his further research on medical-related materials in our country. He was also  trained in operating various instruments, including SEM, Laser scattering particle sizer, FTIR and rheometer. He had performed the reaction af amino acids with triphosgen to make
N-carboxyanhydrides, the amination of methoxy polyethylene glycol (mPEG)  and the ring-opening polymerization of mPEG-poly (alanine) - poly (aspartic acid). The resultant polymer was made into micelles and hydrogells at different concentrations and temperatures. Young researcher  learned how to set-up the reactor, how to prepare the reagents how to conduct each reaction and how to purify the products as well.  The material he synthesized will be able to carry anticancer drugs such as doxorubicin in either micellar form or hydrogel form. What he learned there will help him to become a proficent researcher and enable him to do further drug delivery research as to apply to cancer treatment.

Application possibilities and significance of research results: Last decades the number of patients with lungs, trachea and bronchus cancer are increasing among men in Azerbaijan. According to recent statements of The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan officials 11 percent of people have died of an oncology diseases in Azerbaijan. It is being anticipated that this pattern will rise till 2020. The main reason for the increasing patients with lungs, trachea and bronchus cancer among men is cigarette. Currently chemical therapy and surgery are widely used in the treatment for patients with this type of disease in our country. And this causes serious consequences or death after a little while. Modern forms of antibiotics especially the application of doxorubicin are almost not exist. To select treatment methods or to prepare or to propose a new drug forms is a responsibility of our researchers. For this purpose, investigation of the latest scientific research in the field of doxorubicin from antibiotics being used for the treatment of cancer and its forms with polymer materials, delivery and controlled release is very important. However, the new, synthesis of polymer-based nanogels for long-term delivery and controlled release of doxorubicin is an actual area. Therefore, it is very important to fully master methods and the process of synthesizing polymer nanogel carrying out the delivery of drugs for the treatment of cancer as well as continue this area in our country.

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