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11.02.2019 09:58
Agency “Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Reuters)” held an educational seminar

Department of International Relations of ANAS held an international seminar on "Improving the usage of the Web of Science Information Platform" by “Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Reuters)”.

Employees of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS Division of Social Sciences also participated at the event.

Expert of the agency Valeriya Kurmakayeva delivered a report on "How to choose the best journal for your article and to avoid “predatory journals” ”.

She spoke about the search capabilities of the platform, ways of distinguishing high-quality journals from “predatory journals”, the requirements of international publications, preparing the correct conclusion in articles, etc. She also noted, the importance of creating a personal profile of the researcher on the platform.

Valeriya Kurmakayeva spoke about the activities of "predatory journals". These types of publications quickly publish articles, give short reviews and demand immediate payment. Scientists do not provide any information about the editorial board of the publication. The speaker, noting that on the Web of Science platform there are only prestigious journals with an impact factor, urged scientists to be attentive in these matters.

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