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02.04.2019 05:45
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences and arts of Montenegro signed a Memorandum of understanding

On April 2, the Presidium of ANAS had a meeting with the President of the Academy of Sciences and arts Montenegro (MEIA), Professor Dragon Vukchevich. The main goal was to get acquainted with the main activities of ANAS and sign a Memorandum of cooperation.

At the meeting also participated Dr.Vugar Aliyev the consul of Montenegro,vice-president of Anas, academician Isa Habibbeyli, deputy director for scientific affairs of the Institute of Oriental Studies, academician Shahin Mustafayev, director of the Institute of Architecture and art, corresponding member of Anas Ertekin Salamzadeh and director of the Department of international relations with Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), doctor of philosophy in Political Sciences Ruslan Gasimov.

First, the President of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh informed the guest about the history of the research center and its role in the development of Azerbaijani science. He noted that over the years the country has played an important role in the integration of science into the international world, has created a large scientific school, and achieved historical success.

A.Alizadeh also spoke about the merits of national leader Heydar Aliyev in the development of ANAS. He noted that with the coming of Heydar Aliyev to government as in all spheres, as well as in the field of science , serious changes are taking place, important decisions are being made to increase the authority of scientists in society.

He also informed about the  master degree at the national Academy of Sciences, which has  functioned  since  2015. According to the scientist, the main purpose of the organization of this level of education is to involve of young people in the scientific environment, further for strengthening the integration of science and education.

Academician A. Alizadeh noted that the main objectives of the ANAS are to evaluate the scientific, scientific and organizational, scientific and pedagogical activities of scientists, to stimulate their work. He noted that last year a group of scientists was awarded the title “Professor of ANAS” for their high scientific results.

Сurrently ANAS has made an exceptional contribution to the commercialization of research activities, development of innovative activities and the creation of new technologies.Alizadeh said that in the Park of High Technology are produced innovative, competitive products and implementation of innovative projects.

The scientist told, that nowadays the Azerbaijani science is adequately represented at the events held on an international scale, that the scientists of the country conduct multidisciplinary studies which are  required in the world science. He noted that the articles authors of which are our scientists are published in the world's prestigious journals and journals with impact factor, young researchers are practiced in prestigious scientific organizations of the world.

He emphasized the necessity for a joint exchange of personnel and experience, the implementation of joint projects with the Academy of Sciences and Art of Montenegro. Later, Professor Dragon Vuchevich, noted that was his  first visit  Azerbaijan  and expressed confidence that this meeting will have a positive impact on the further development for both structures.

He noted that there are 4 universities in Montenegro, one of which is advisable to organize classes in science, history and culture of Azerbaijan. He stressed that he is ready to provide the necessary assistance in this direction to the delegation from Azerbaijan.

The guest shared that the organization headed by him cooperates on the basis of agreements with various government organizations and educational institutions of the world, signed memoranda with a range of academies.

The Professor told about the history of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and arts(CANU) since 1971, where 45 full-time corresponding members work in 4 scientific sections.

Speaking about the historical and friendly relations between Azerbaijan and the country represented by it, D. Vukchevich expressed assurance that the document signed today will contribute to the organization and strengthening of relations not only between the scientific structures of the two countries, but also between the States.

He proposed to publish articles of Azerbaijani scientists in CANU , as well as to organize classes in Montenegro on the development of science and art of modern Azerbaijan.

D. Vukcevich invited the President of ANAS together with the delegation to visit Montenegro, to get acquainted with the Academy, which he heads.

The meeting also discussed themes of Ethnography, social Geology, physical and geological anthropology, humanitarian and other priority areas, and made joi Then a Memorandum of cooperation between the academies of the two countries was signed. The document was signed by academician A. Alizade and Professor D. vukchevich.

At the end, gifts were presented and pictures were taken.nt decisions on cooperation in relevant areas.

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