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12.04.2019 14:12
Presentation of the National Doctoral Management Portal

On April 12,  It was held an event dedicated to the results of the "Nizami" project, "Reconstruction and development of doctoral studies in Azerbaijan in accordance with the requirements of European higher education institutions"  and was presented the presentation of the portal of the National Department of doctoral studies. The portal, created with the support of the Institute of information technology, was presented by the head of the Department  of international relations of the Presidium of ANAS Ph. D. Esmira Alirzayeva.

She noted that the main aim  of the portal, which operates in Azerbaijani and English languages, is to support the state policy to increase access to available information and to gather information about all doctoral students studying in Azerbaijan in one database. Esmira Alirzayeva said that the system was created on the basis of the portal, the French University of Montpelier, and explained the process of posting information for doctoral students and academic coordinators. She also stated, that at the results of annual of doctoral attestation, the students will be reflected in the system and information about them will be stored on the portal even after the dissertation defense.

It was noted that the official documents related to the doctoral education system in our country and information about the rights and law duties of individuals applying for admission to the doctoral program are included here.

Alirzayeva said that all scientific institutions of ANAS will be responsible for this portal. The system is designed for those who want to study abroad, the scientist said, adding that the portal offers job opportunities for doctoral students.

In conclusion, the speaker noted that the electronic version of the registration of doctoral students is planned to be placed on the portal in order to prevent plagiarism and ensure transparency.

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