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03.07.2019 16:18
Within the framework of European program Horizon 2020, the "Innovation Entrepreneurship Week" training is being conducted for national coordinators on the topics of "small and medium-sized enterprises" and "financial aspects" of the financial aspects

In Bucharest, Romania, within the framework of the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program

 “ Week of innovative enterprises”, “Access 4 SMEs” held a training on “Key financial indicators for national coordinators from the point of view of the Council for innovation of Europe” for national coordinators on “small and medium enterprises” and “financial aspects” (Access4SMEs training and Innovative Enterprise Week Bucharest 2019).

National coordinator representing Azerbaijan, the  head of the Department of international relations of the Institute of Economics of ANAS, doc. Phillos.Rufat Efendiyev, took part in the training on financial aspects of the program "Horizon 2020".

The training was focused on three main aspects in the European Commission's next research and innovation program called Horizon Europe (2021-2027):

  • The Explorer (Pathfinder);
  • Accelerator;
  • Financial instruments.

During the training, discussions were held concerned to the investment project on how to make a breakthrough, support innovative innovations and improve access to private investors. The Access4SMEs project (2016-2019) helps to create a community of experts aimed at national focal points in the field of risk financing and access to SMEs, as well as to ease an access to cross-border financial services through enhanced exchange of experiences.

During the discussions within the framework of the” Week innovation enterprise  " it was noted that, according to forecasts, the stage Horizon Europe  will become a powerful tool for strong support of European" breakthrough innovations".

The main tasks at the events were discussed of the new European program in the field of integration of science with technologies and innovations, as well as the prospects of this cooperation within the framework of the Horizon Europe program, which allows to increase the political authority of the European Commission on innovations.

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