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15.10.2019 08:19
Academician Akif Alizadeh met with scientists from the Institute of World History of China

On October 15, President of ANAS, Academician Akif Alizadeh, received a delegation led by director of the Institute of World History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Wang Chaoguang.

At the meeting, director of the Institute of History of ANAS, academician Yagub Mahmudov spoke about the historical roots of relations between Azerbaijan and China. He noted that both peoples, located on the Great Silk Road and uniting the civilizations of East and West, played an important role in shaping world culture. Stating that the Great Silk Road lost its historical significance in the early Middle Ages, the academician said that during this period Azerbaijan contributed to the revival of trade in the region and mediated trade relations with Europe. Y. Mahmudov also said that in the Middle Ages, Chinese rulers bought Azerbaijani horse breeds for use in the war, and historical facts about this were found in local sources. He added that the aforementioned facts were reflected in a book prepared by the PhD in history Nargiz Akhundova and Hou Aitsun, entitled “The History of Azerbaijani-Chinese Relations”.

Touching upon the relations between the two countries, the scientist noted that one of the first visits of national leader Heydar Aliyev to China took place in 1994, and in 1998, on his initiative, an international conference was held to restore the historic Silk Road in Baku. He also noted that President Ilham Aliyev has visited China several times and since then has been expanding cooperation between the highest scientific institutions of the two countries.

Recalling the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Institute of World History, Y. Mahmudov noted that centers for studying the history of Azerbaijani-Chinese relations will be created in both countries, the works of Azerbaijani scientists will be published in China, and the works of Chinese scientists in Azerbaijan. In addition, he announced the holding of further joint seminars and conferences, staff exchanges.

Then Y. Mahmudov presented books to Akif Alizadeh on the history of the Irevan Khanate, Karabakh and Nakhchivan.

Speaking further, academician Akif Alizadeh said that historical Chinese sources contain important materials about the ancient Turkic peoples and there is a need for their study by scholars of both countries and promotion in the international arena. Recalling that the cooperation agreement between ANAS and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was signed in 2016, the academician noted that based on the mentioned document, joint scientific research will be carried out.

Saying that our country has been actively involved in the restoration of the historic Silk Road in recent years, the ANAS president said that our scientists will soon make a practical contribution to this issue. He noted that under ANAS it is planned to create a scientific center for the study of the history and culture of the Great Silk Road.

The President of ANAS also informed the guests about his visit to China this year.

Speaking at the meeting, Director of the Institute of World History, Professor Van Chaoguang said that this was his first visit to Baku, during which he managed to visit the state reserves of Gobustan and Ateshgah, including the Heydar Aliyev Center and a number of museums. Noting that Azerbaijan has an ancient history, the Chinese scientist expressed his desire to conduct important research with his Azerbaijani colleagues.

The meeting was also attended by the heads of departments of the ANAS Presidium - doctor of philosophy in biology, associate professor Esmira Alirzaev, Zulfugar Farzaliyev and scientists of the Institute of History.

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