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08.11.2019 09:30
The Academy held an international scientific seminar on "Rock culture: myth, art and the world»

On November 8, an international scientific seminar on "Rock culture: myth, art and peace" began its work in the Central Scientific Library of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

First of all, the guests got acquainted with the exhibition of works of NANA employees, organized in the foyer of the library.

Opening the international seminar President of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev welcomed the guests and noted that the event is dedicated to a very topical topic. The academician emphasized that earlier, with the support via the Fund for humanitarian cooperation of the CIS member States, ANAS held international scientific conferences on various topics, carried out important measures aimed at restoring the traditions of scientific cooperation between the countries.

Speaking about the discussion at last year's international scientific conference of a very topical and modern problem, the head of ANAS said that the events organized in the framework of the conference "Physics and lyrics" in the Shemakha astrophysical Observatory of ANAS and the Joint Institute for nuclear research in Dubna (Russia), are important in terms of the formation of relationships between scientists engaged in the humanitarian sphere, and representatives of the exact and natural Sciences.

The speaker noted that the international scientific seminar on "Rock culture: myth, art and peace" will discuss such serious scientific problems as the formation of ancient civilizations, settlements of primitive people, the origin of artistic thinking, written culture, etc. He stated  that nowadays the issues of civilization and human settlement are widely discussed in the international scientific environment, the theses that will be announced today will make a significant contribution to the development of world science.

In conclusion, the President of ANAS wished success in the work of the international scientific seminar.

Further, the Vice-President of ANAS, academician Isa Habibbeyli, made a speech stating that in the world science rock culture is perceived as a memory of knowledge of primitive people, carved in stone, rock images are one of the main factors that allow us to judge the origin and antiquity of the ethnos. Noting that "the rock culture of Azerbaijan reflects the sedentary culture, as well as legends and realities", the academician also lined that the images on the rock paintings of the cart, bull, Yalla dance, tools and traction means evidence to the development of sedentary culture in Azerbaijan.

Isa Habibbayli said that the famous rock paintings in Gobustan, located 40 kilometers from the city of Baku, are a stone chronicle of the life and activities of our ancestors who lived in these lands. He added that rock cultures are " the caravan route of the history of human development."

 Then Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, academician Karamotullo Olimov made a report "Philosophical and existential aspects of rock culture". The scientist noted that along with the aesthetic value, the rock paintings contain deep philosophical evidence about the worldview of primitive people.

Accenting that the event is dedicated to an important topic, the speaker expressed his confidence that the regular holding of such events will make a significant contribution to the study of rock culture. Director of the Institute of history and international relations of Kemerovo State University, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Olga Sovetova made a report "the World of unreal images in the rock art of the Minusinsk basin". Noting the relevance of the topic discussed at the event, O. Sovetova highly appreciated the attention paid to the study of rock culture in Azerbaijan. She also spoke about new methods used in the study of rock culture in the laboratory.

Rector of the Rostov Institute of Management, Business and Law, Doctor of Economics, Professor Imran Akperov made a speech  about the opportunities that  digital and information technologies  provide in the study of cave culture.

Lyudmila Stavskaya, the head of the Department of history and cultural studies of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, also spoke at the seminar and presented a book on the rock art of Kyrgyzstan.

At the event, as well as reports on such topics as “Rock art and modernity: historical and cultural reflection and ethnographic conference ”were presented , “The Gamigaya Monument Complex: a unique pearl of the South Caucasus”, “Study of the Suuk Dube (Uzgen) rock paintings”, “Analogs images of Gamigai in the material culture of the Middle East »

The international conference continued its work in three sessions covering the themes: “Rock culture: traces of history and drawings”, “Rock culture: plots and pictograms” and “Rock culture: world experience and realities of Azerbaijan”. Along with Russian scientists, scientists and specialists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, etc. made scientific reports at the sessions.

The conference will continue its work on November 9 in the Gobustan National Historical and Artistic Reserve.

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